Open Up Your Friendzone With Band Of Silver’s “Looking For A Friend”


Photo: Lindsey Byrnes

Nashville sibling trio Band of Silver invite us to widen our friendzones with their latest single “Looking For A Friend.” With its chest-swelling synths and 80s new wave sparks, the track soars with a cinematic flair as the trio reflect on loneliness and the irreplaceable value of human connection. The blooming energy captures the infectious energy of being in a crowd (remember that feeling?) and overcoming the fear to talk to someone. Check it out:

“The lyrics to ‘Looking for a Friend’ are some of the most autobiographical I’ve written,” shared vocalist and lyricist, Avery Silvernagel. “I thought of the topic while going to clubs around Nashville trying to meet new people. It was pretty nerve wracking at first. I thought I would be the outsider with everyone having their social circles already established and all around more put together than I was. Instead I realized most of the people I met felt the same way I did.”

Avery Silvernagel (vocals), Alex Silvernagel (guitar and vocals), and Evan Silvernagel (drums) are the siblings behind Band of Silver. “Looking For A Friend” is the follow up of their debut EP Always, which was released back in December 2020.