BLOW Navigate Through The Enigmatic Contradictions Of Modern Society In “Full Delight”


Photo: Ella Hermë

Parisian trio BLOW addresses the weird, enigmatic ways we contradict one another in their latest single “Full Delight.” Glossed with lush smokiness, “Full Delight” is a risqué treat where the riffs flow with a hypnotic flair. There is a primal vibe to the melody that makes “Full Delight” feel luxurious and exquisite. But unlike its aura, the lyrics examine the contradictory nature of our modern society:

Speaking of their latest release, BLOW shared: “Dark lyrics on light music. This sets the tone for our new album, whose main topic is duality. We often expose, threaten, get loved and love ourselves. Our society is increasingly contradictory. As beautiful as it is terrifying. Stardust lands on our closed eyelids. We only dream of a shallow life and race solo. It’s a full delight.”

Stay tuned for their upcoming sophomore album.