Dance Away From Stagnancy With Ben Robertson’s “Scoop”

Feeling stuck? Play this.

Photo: Artist courtesy

Ben Robertson gives us the perfect song to overcome any writer’s block, creative rut, or stagnancy with his latest groovy offspring “Scoop.” It’s a hybrid of electropop and slacker pop that keeps your serotonins spinning so you can waltz your way into the flow state. And even if you can’t find that creative spark again, it’s the perfect excuse to turn your current location into a dancefloor and wiggle your frustrations away: 

Speaking of the song, Ben shared: 

“I fell into a character while writing my second single ‘Scoop,’ embodying someone who is after the scoop in the way that an old-school detective or investigative journalist is. 

This song was written on day three of an exercise I tried, writing a song every day for over two weeks! Approaching songwriting this way helped me overcome writer’s block and prevented me from overthinking the process. I was able to finish the song very quickly and intuitively.

Listening back, I feel like the concept of the scoop can be open to interpretation, but it is also something to be striving for. For me, the scoop was likely searching for new songs and feeling frustrated! I hope you enjoy what I’ve found through my love of songwriting.”