JWestern’s “Aspirin” Is For The Insomniac Existentialists Out There

When your brain doesn’t let you sleep

PhotoAubrey Simpson

This past year has really made our mental hamster spin the wheel in all kinds of existential and dooming directions. Leeds-based artist JWestern captures those insomniac moments of the night when we are struggling to not give into those toxic thoughts in his latest single “Aspirin.” Like its title, the song feels like a melodic remedy where JWestern admits the inner chaos that haunts you mentally, but helps you to numb them as well. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, JWestern shared:

“Being so isolated and restricted this last year I found myself trapped in my own head, spending hours reflecting on past experiences and how those experiences have fed into me as a person. Similar to ‘Just People’, I’ve always used my songs as a coping mechanism, but this time it just felt easier to be more honest than before. I’m scared of my feelings, scared of the future, scared of losing the people around me and for long periods I put a shutter over certain parts of my brain just trying to keep those thoughts at bay. Predictably, in the early hours of the morning I’d find myself awake contemplating all these different thoughts. All these songs stem from those moments, half awake, alone, writing everything down on the notes app of my phone.”

“Aspirin” is out now via Heist or Hit.