Eric Anders And Mark O’Bitz Offer An Empowering Message On Climate Change In “Searise”

Alternative pop

Video still from Searise by Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz return with new smashing single and music video called “Searise.” The track breaks down our relationship with the environment, which has transitioned from a symbiotic one to a parasitic one over the past centuries. Built on a cavalcade of chest-swelling synths, “Searise” is a cinematic anthem smeared with the echo-drenched choruses that soar slickly. As you dive deeper into the track, “Searise” transports you into a rich celestial dimension where the effervescent beats and stretchy smokiness takes you on an introspective journey. The track comes with a music video by Basque artist Joseba Elorza that captures climate change through metaphorical images that are stunning and heartbreaking at the same time. “Searise” feels like a warning, a call, to change our own behavior and perspective towards our planet. There is an equal amount of impending doom and lingering hope throughout the piece as Eric and Mark reminds us how much our own individual actions can start empowering us and our surroundings. Check it out: 

Speaking of the track, Eric shared: “My daughter, Evelyn, came up with the music and the lyrics for the first half of the first verse when she was eleven. Mark and I finished the song for her. Many thanks to our producer, Mike Butler, for doing such a great job. Mark, Evelyn, and I are all grateful to have worked with Basque artist Joseba Elorza (Greenday) on the “Searise” climate change music video, and the cover.”

Hailing from Northern California, Eric Anders met SoCal artist Mark O’Bitz at a show in early 2000s. The duo instantly started collaborating together and their works have been featured in various films and TV shows including Michael Schroeder’s Man in the Chair and Courtney Cox’ TV show Dirt. Although they’ve been songsmithing together for years, they did not release their official debut song as a duo until 2018, titled “Of All These Things.” Since then, they’ve gone on releasing more singles and records. Eric and Mark will be releasing a collection of songs as part of their Music in the Time of Coronavirus series, which will be dropping in four installments. Stay tuned for more details.