New Yank Yorkies’ “Bring Back The Love” Is For The Modern Hopeless Romantics Out There

Roots rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Vancouver band New Yank Yorkies entangle us with glimmering chords and starry-eyed atmosphere with their latest single “Bring Back The Love.” Drenched with longing, the track nestles us into a heavy-hearted but realistic scenario: pining for the one person that we let go. It is a song for the hopeless romantics, offering both comfort and empathy through their soothingly bittersweet melody. Whether you want to cry out loud or sing along with vocalist Geoff Gibbons the catchy question “Where is the love?”, the track beckons us to indulge in its rich, soulful soundscape. With “Bring Back The Love,” New Yank Yorkies use a mixture of soul and roots that is anchored by a downtempo rock base. Along with the heartbreak, there is also chic flair to the song – you know it’s about pining for the absence of a lover. But at the same time, there is an upbeat hookiness to it that makes it such a mood-booster. There is a subtle touch of country on the visceral riffs that amplify the raw feel of the track. It’s slick, smooth, and savory that you have to play it more than once: 

New Yank Yorkies is like the musician version of Avengers – they are comprised of seasoned musicians who have toured and recorded with gazillion other artists. Comprised of Pat Steward (drums), Jimmy Barnes, John Ellis (guitar, producer), Geoff Gibbons (vocals, guitar), Jay Buettner (guitar), and Rob Becker (bass), the band has gained critical acclaim for their works. Their discography includes Juno award winning records, TV and film soundtracks, and solo albums. Known for their roots/rock sound, New Yank Yorkies have been leaving their mark with their talent and hit songs. Through their music, the band addresses complex topics that invite us into some of the most vulnerable territories of our minds.