Wav Loyel Embraces The Hustle In “Run Up”


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Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, Wav Loyel celebrates the ups and downs of hustling your way towards your dreams in his latest single “Run Up.” It’s a smooth hip-hop melody sprayed with introspective lyrics that admit the necessary losses, energy, and hurdles one faces when pursuing his or her passions. “Run Up” draws influences from Wav’s own experiences pouring his heart and soul into creating music, which – like many creative endeavors – comes with many expenses. And we don’t mean financial ones, but personal sacrifices. The breakneck choruses are balanced with the breezy beats in the beginning before the soaring beats kick in and get your adrenalins flowing. “Run Up” serves both as a meditative and self-empowering jam that helps you push further and even embrace the hustle mentality. Along with the single, Wav has also shared the official video for it, created by Koputer Luv. Check it out: 

Speaking of the track, he shared: “I put my mindset down on the paper when writing ‘Run Up.’ This song is a statement to the world that I’m dedicating myself to something I love, and I have to continue to make plenty of sacrifices along the way in order to achieve my goals. Some people might not like that, so… ‘Run Up.’” 

Wav Loyel is a self-made artist who taught himself to produce his own beats and vocals on his iPad. Making music from his tablet to computer, Wav started experimenting with different instruments to hone his sound. Most of his songs are based on his life experiences that are introspective, vulnerable, inspiring, and relatable. “I always wrote lyrics since I was a kid, but I never took it seriously until 2017. During that year, I linked up with a guy I had just met, and when I initially stepped into his house, he was making a beat. I remember being in awe, watching every move he was doing, analyzing every note he was playing, and hearing how it had changed and added to the sound that was playing out of the speakers. I didn’t understand anything about it at all, but I swore to myself that I was going to. Following that day, I went out and bought a simple music setup to spark what would become my passion, and I never looked back since,” he recalled.

“Run Up” has been making waves across the local radio stations and is a glimpse into what he has in store for us this year.