Liberty’s “The Last Time” Is The New Mindfulness Banger You Need


Photo: PR courtesy

If you are looking into practicing more mindfulness, start with Liberty’s new smasher “The Last Time.” Liberty is the solo project of Danish artist Mattias Kolstrup, who is known to be a member of the rock band Dúné. “The Last Time” is an avant-garde twist of electropop where the bouncy riffs take your mind on a sonic flight to groovana. Influenced by Liberty’s own experience trying to overcome a breakup by going as far as Kilimanjaro Mountain, “The Last Time” is a reflective waltz that ponders on being present and letting go:  

“I was pondering a relationship going to shit. So I went all the way to the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania-I had to get as far away and as close to the stars as possible. But of course, the further away I went, the more I thought of home and of her. When I reached the top, I met a strange old woman. She told me that I was a moonchild set on the sun and maybe, for once, I should just try to be where I was. Here, now. I heeded her advice and ‘The Last Time’ was written then and there,” shared Liberty

“The Last Time” is from Liberty’s upcoming album Moon Child Se On The Sun, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.