Ruti’s ‘All At Once’ Is Record For Seasonal Creatures Out There


Photo: PR courtesy

Essex native Ruti invites us into her neo-soul soundscape of intimate reflection in her new EP All At Once. It’s a collection of four tracks where Ruti captures the emotional vibes and imageries of a different season. From breezy coolness to introspective moodiness, All At Once takes you on a different space and time with each song where dives deep into her own psyche while stay in tuned with her own environment. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, Ruti shared: “Each track on the EP has a season in mind. They sound like what I think each season sounds like. There are a couple of news tracks as well that I’m really excited for people to hear. Daylight is the winter track, It’s a lot moodier than the other tracks. Personally I always struggle during the winter mentally so that’s what I wrote about in the song and I feel like minor chords make it feel a lot more serious. It’s actually the first sad song that I’ve ever released, but I like that it’s still quite upbeat.”