Communions Muse On Social Attachments & Cultural Decline In New Single “Learn To Pray”

A meditation on collective powerlessness

Photo: Lasse Dearman

Copenhagen-based act Communions ruminate on power and cultural disintegration that we are witnessing today in their latest single “Learn To Pray.” Coated with gritty riffs, “Learn To Pray” is a punk-infused alternative anthem that injects you with repetitive drum kicks and edgy bass lines. “‘Learn to Pray’ is told from the perspective of someone powerlessly witnessing a culture in the midst of its collapse, and wishing to take a distance from it,” shared lead singer Martin Rehof. Taken from their upcoming sophomore album Pure Fabrication, “Learn To Pray” scratches our consciousness on the collective powerlessness we’re feeling as we watch our own culture disintegrate in the hands of greed, narcissism, and fame:

Rehof further added, “While Pure Fabrication gives a thematic portrayal of certain forces that allow one to freely fabricate one’s life, whether it be forces of love, independence, or freedom, ‘Learn To Pray’ deals rather with being tied to the fabric of the social world. Pertaining to this, it portrays a communal lapse into cultural decline.”

Pure Fabrication will be out on April 23rd