Lionel Boy Takes Us On A Smoovy Drive In “Kam Highway”

Smooth + groovy

Photo: Basil Vargas

Hawaiian native and Long Beach-based artist Lionel Boy takes us on a smoovy drive in his latest single and video “Kam Highway.” The track comes with the announcement of his upcoming debut self-titled record, which will be out on May 14th via Innovative Leisure. “Kam Highway” is a lush, dreamy piece where the ballooning synths and gauzy riffs are weaved with trap elements. The track comes with a video directed by Joanna Nguyen, which was shot in Oahu, Hawaii. Check it out:

“Back home in Hawaii, one of the main highways we have is called Kam Highway.” Lionel Boy shared. “For me, it connected the two places I grew up in—Waialua and Wahiawa. It’s my favorite drive in the whole world. I hadn’t done much previous work on my own with synths or beat making but it was something I’d been wanting to try. When I started working on the song, it sounded a lot like a long, dark road and the first one that came to mine was the one I’d been taking my whole life.”

On the video, he added: “‘Kam Highway’ was shot over a span of three days on my home island of Oahu, Hawaii by my awesome friend Joanna Nguyen. It’s funny – I grew up in “paradise” wanting nothing more than to escape it. I’ve driven many roads looking for an exit only to realize—you can’t run from what’s inside.”