If You Are Contemplating On Getting Back With Your Ex, Play Feels’ “Still On My Mind”


Photo: Christian Bang

Danish duo Feels, aka David and Siná, capture the desire to be with an ex who is being mistreated by their new partner in new single “Still On My Mind.” It’s R&B with the rhythmic trimmings of pop that taps into the emotional limbo you fall into when nostalgia and what-ifs start hitting you. It’s laidback, but a deep introspective dive into our own wish for someone familiar to us to be treated better – even if that means getting back togehter:

Speaking of the track, Siná shared: “When I heard the guitar, it took me back to that feeling of wanting this someone back who felt the same but couldn’t escape from her toxic relationship. I used to be exactly that for her, but this time around I was ready to man up.”

Feels will be releasing a new track every third week moving forward, so make sure to keep them under your radar.