Matt Ryder Invites Us To Chill In His Atmospheric EP ‘Orbit’

A brief vacay from reality

Photo: PR courtesy

Birmingham-based artist Matt Ryder spent most of his quarantine churning out his creativity to craft a record that allowed him take a break from reality. The byproduct is his EP Orbit, an atmospheric chill record that keeps your mind in a state of buoyant euphoria. Taking off with its slow-burning title track “Orbit,” the record keeps its initial lo-fi vibe throughout all three tracks, keeping you all cool and Xanaxed out until the last second. “‘Orbit’ as a track has to be one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done. It allowed me to take a step back and really write from the heart. Mainly in this track I am exploring things from my past and my experience in lockdown, I let my mind wonder to different places and times then used that as a way to write. I just opened myself up,” reflected Ryder. Check it out: 

On the EP, he shared: “I think the EP as a whole felt like such a jump for me, I’ve never really released or created anything as raw or open as the tracks that I have made here. I almost see the EP as a breather to allow air and space between releases. I would love to think that this music can show people a different side of me they wouldn’t necessarily see in my highly produced tracks.” 

Orbit is out now via Ryder’s own label EC30.