Transviolet Address The Toxic Glamour Of Fame In “Drugs In California”

Addiction is a disease

Still from Transviolet – Drugs In California [Official Video]

LA band Transviolet beckon us into the dystopic world of fame in their new single and video “Drugs in California.” Smeared with dreamy synths, the track is a chest-swelling anthem that captures the addictive glamour of fame, which is depicted in the haunting visuals. Speaking of the video, Transviolet’s Sarah McTaggart shared: “Director Kyle Vorbach, Cinematographer Skyler Bocciolatt and I wanted to create a dystopian world where the feeling of fame had been synthesized, and you could take a diamond pill to feel adored. But like the real thing, this glamorous drug comes with horrifying side effects.” Check it out:

On the song, McTaggart elaborated: “‘Drugs in California’ is a song about a toxic relationship. Specifically, it’s about a toxic relationship between fame and adoration. I’d always felt sort of ambivalent to fame. it always just seemed like an inconvenient side effect to making music that I might have to endure one day if things went really well. I felt like I could prepare myself for it. I’ve had small tastes of fame now, but it’s nothing like I anticipated.

It’s weird because I wouldn’t think of myself as famous, but the truth is, to some people, I am famous. I won’t lie to you, it feels amazing to have people connect with my work so deeply- to feel so seen, understood, and appreciated- to be adored. However, that feeling can be really addictive, even destructive. it’s made me question myself- who I am, my intentions, my integrity; at times it’s made me feel isolated and disconnected from people. it’s fucked with my head more than anything else I’ve ever experienced. should I want this? should I not want this? I still don’t know.”

Transviolet will go on tour this upcoming fall.

North America 2021

9/8 – Constellation Room (Santa Anam, CA)

9/24 – Knitting Factory Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

9/29 – Beachland Ballroom & Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

10/6 – Globe Hall Live Music and BBQ (Denver, CO)

10/9 – El Corazón (Seattle, WA)

10/14 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)