Get Your 80s Swagger On With The Murlocs’ “Francesca”

From their upcoming album ‘Bittersweet Demons’

Photo: Joey Walker

Aussie rockers The Murlocs inject us with the groovy sparks of 80s in their latest single “Francesca.” Inspired by frontman Ambrose Kenny-Smith’s mom, “Francesca” is an explosive piece that sends hair-raising optimism through your veins. The echo-dipped riffs accompanied by the propulsive drums yield a bouncy atmosphere that keeps your head in the clouds. The track comes with a video directed by their longtime collaborator and friend Alex McLaren:

Speaking of the song, Ambrose shared: “The song is about my mother and how she had been lost for love since the separation from my father when I was 10. In the last year and a half or so she’s found love again, with a very close family friend of ours, someone who has always been a godfather and mentor to me in many ways. This has changed her spirit immensely for the better. You can really see the pop in her step as this enormous weight has been lifted off her shoulders.”

“Francesca” is from their upcoming album Bittersweet Demons, which will be out on June 25th