Shae District’s “Lose Myself” Is Goosebumps Worthy


Photo: PR courtesy

Denver duo Shae District invites us into an explosive synthphony with their latest single “Lose Myself.” It’s a chest-swelling soundscape where the duo orchestrates a rich blend of bursting beats, smoky vocals, and propulsive rhythms that makes you feel like you’re cruising through the bursting sea of indietronic treasure. Check it out: 

In their own words, the song “is one of those tracks that was never meant to be finished. We were sitting down at the computer making a track purely out of pleasure. It was a nice day outside and you can hear it in the music, through the choice of chords and groove. After a session or two we realized we really liked the song and wanted to put it out. It was a great process and we’re planning to put our own vocals against dance beats much more frequently moving forward.” 

Andrew Parpart and Debjit Das are the maestros behind Shae District. The duo has toured across the globe, released records, and supported acts such as Big Gigantic, Shallou, and more. They’ve been avid supporters of #SaveOurStages movement, having partnered with Electric Hawk to raise $3000. “Lose Myself” is the title track of their upcoming EP, which you’ll be hearing more details soon.