Mini Trees’ “Spring” Is A Bittersweet Reflection On Aging & Romance

Growing old with someone is devastatingly wonderful

Photo: Nina Raj

Mini Trees, the solo project of LA-based artist Lexi Vega, explores the bittersweet process of aging with someone in her new single “Spring.” It’s a breezy slice of laidback pop where the delicate drums and feather-like chords brushes over your ears as Vega channels the ambivalence of growing older and more vulnerable with a person. The song is from her upcoming debut album, which will be released via Run For Cover Records. Check it out:

“’Spring’ is meant to be somewhat of a lighthearted love song about growing old with someone.” Mini Trees shared. “It confesses contrasting feelings of both fear and security that come with being vulnerable and fully known by another person. The underlying message is one of hopefulness though, resolving with the choice to believe this person will remain a constant in my life despite the changing nature of everything else.”

Having played in multiple bands, Lexi started making her own music as Mini Trees in 2018 and released her debut EP Steady Me in 2019. During 2020, Lexi released the follow up EP Slip Away and spent most of the year recording her upcoming album. Stay tuned for more details.