Bealby Point’s “Telescope” Is For Everyone Who Did Something Regretful Last Night

You know you shouldn’t have gorged in that questionable burrito

Photo: Sam Fazio

We’ve all had a night out filled with regrets in forms of embarrassing tattoos, blood-clotting burritos, bizarre social media posts, and pristine feeling of self-loathing running through your veins (along with that hangover). Canadian band Bealby Point lets rock out the pain away with their latest single “Telescope.” Don’t think of this as a self-help anthem that makes you wanna feel better – it is more of an acceptance anthem that lets you come into terms with your own nocturnal self-saboteur persona that nudges you to make all the wrong decisions. Drenched with gauzy chords, “Telescope” is a buoyantly moody introspection of those actions that made you wanna have a life do-over: 

According to the band, the track was “inspired by those first-time experiences of going out and drinking, battling through the gauntlet that is a high school house party. Eyes like a telescope watching your every move, making you question every action and decision. The gossip and the rumours of the hook-ups and the throw-ups that echo through the halls after the weekend stirring shame and embarrassment.”