IDER Wrap Us In Haunting Glamour In New Video “Cross Yourself”

In pursuit of meaning…

Photo: Georgia Strawson

UK duo IDER goes on a search for meaning in their latest single “Cross Yourself.” With their silky croons and melodic smokiness, “Cross Yourself” pierces through your eardrums with the most euphoric fluidity while also sending subtle dark chills through your veins. “‘Cross Yourself’ is a reflection on how we search for purpose – how we often attach meaning to things or like the idea of something external to believe in, in exchange for believing in ourselves,” shared the duo. Check it out:

Speaking of the video, IDER’s Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville said: “We filmed most of the video in our creepy basement with our friend and director Lewis Knaggs. We wanted to create two contrasting scenes – Lily in a dingy, surreal bedroom inspired by the art installation ‘My Bed’ by Tracy Emin, and Megan dancing about in a dark, green, empty space. The idea behind this represents individual conflicts and internal battles in our search for purpose and meaning. Our favourite shot is Lily’s baptism in Limehouse canal into which she bravely fell backwards on a freezing day in February.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming sophomore album shame, which will be out later this year.