Communions’ New Record ‘Pure Fabrication’ Is A Study On Selfhood, Culture & Identity

Coming of age is never easy

Photo: Ida Uldall

Danish duo Communions have finally released their new sophomore record Pure Fabrication, an album that ruminates on one’s own sense of self, cultural influences, and identity. Through fifteen visceral tracks, the duo toy with elements of indie pop and rock to craft an existential introspection on becoming an adult in this day and age. “While the blueprint of the coming of age story traditionally involves a protagonist who enters the world seeking answers and emerges renewed, with newfound maturity, Pure Fabrication reveals that growth is tricky and may come at a price. The journey into the ‘real’ world only complicates and fractures any vague sense of clarity that one might have had to begin with,” explained Communions’ Martin Rehof.

Martin further added, “I think Pure Fabrication is a more realized work. It’s a more mature realization of all of the experiments we have made, an album that, in my view, incorporates all of our best sides from each previous release. But we weren’t approaching this record with any intention of making a radical aesthetic statement, to stand apart from the rest of our peers, or to prove anything to ourselves. I think that Pure Fabrication might be the most genuine thing we have made.”

Pure Fabrication is out now via Tambourhinoceros.