D.E.L’s “Bloom” Is Weirdly Gloomy & Cheery At The Same Time

And we’re digging it

Artwork: PR courtesy

“Stuck inside my head, head, head / We grew up apart instead, instead, instead / What happened to my friends?” croons Sydney-based trio D.E.L in their latest single “Bloom.” Layered with smoky and chest-swelling synths, “Bloom” is a graceful indietronic single anchored by effervescent rhythmic stacks that take you on a dreamy flight into your own melancholia. Lyrically, “Bloom” is sprayed with nostalgia, doubts, regrets, and loneliness – emotions we’ve all experienced in our most existential lows (especially this past year). But unlike it’s lyrical theme, “Bloom” is an absolutely exquisite melody that is packed with frissons. It stretches, expands, and soars, making you feel as if you’re going on a trip to another dimension. The hauntingly featherlike vocals amplify the semi-celestial and semi-galactic vibe of the track, keeping mind swinging between imagination and past memories. “Bloom” is gloomily buoyant that feels comforting – while there is a form of sadness lingering throughout, the song weirdly boosts your mood with its cathartic momentums and wooziness. Whether you’re looking for a track to chill, cry, dream, or all of the above, this is it:

In their own words, “Bloom blends a picture of both melancholy through its vocals and a feeling of hope through its pulsing, genre-bending instrumentation. Bloom aims to be both a nostalgic and thought provoking pop tune.” 

D.E.L first started off as the solo project of multi-talented artist Timm de la Hoyde and expanded its lineup when his brothers Nick and Joseph joined. Their sound originally drew inspiration from Japanese anime and has evolved into a mesmeric sound that explores a wide range of emotions. When the trio aren’t making their own music for D.E.L, they’re writing and producing for other indie and major label artists from Sony, UMG, WMG, and more.