Allday Takes Us On A Cinematic Rendezvous In New Video “Stolen Cars”


Photo: Sam Wong

Melbourne-based artist Allday gives us the perfect song to dance our hearts out in the living room called “Stolen Cars.” The track and the visuals capture young love and the sense of carefree euphoria that comes with the hope of starting again alongside your new partner in crime. Smeared with wooziness and aerated synths, “Stolen Cars” offers a cinematic getaway that lets you relive those youthful moments of unlimited optimism:

“‘Stolen Cars’ is about two people who think they can get away from everything and start over,” shared Allday. “I think it’s sort of a universal feeling, most people have been inside the weird dream of young love before. It doesn’t always last, but the optimism of that moment is something to hold onto. Most importantly, I think the song is great to dance to in the living room.”

The track is from his upcoming LP Drinking With My Smoking Friends, which will be out on May 28th via Believe.