Kaleb Rudy’s “Good Terms” Is The Remedy For Your Passive Aggressive Breakup

“If we ended on good terms how come it hurt so bad?”

Photo: PR courtesy

You may have broken up with your ex in a ‘mature’ and ‘peaceful’ way, with your ex telling all your inner social circles that you guys are in ‘good terms.’ Yet it fucking hurts and you’re highly confused about this whole civilized and calm way you’re supposed to look. And that’s when Colorado native Kaleb Rudy comes in – more like, glides in with his seamless high pitch in the form of the song “Good Terms.” It’s a chest-swelling, synthpop that feels like a warm blanket over your heartbroken soul where Kaleb admits the whole wtf-is-this-passive-aggressive-way-of-describing-this-emotional-shitshow. So grab some wine, turn on the speakers, and start crying as you sing with Kaleb and let your neighbor uncomfortably know that you’re not on good terms with your ex:

Born in Grand Junction, Colorado to a pastor and academic advisor, Kaleb was raised across Virginia, Montana, Iowa, and finally California. From a young age, Kaleb was bullied for his queer identity and was even forced to attend ‘ex-gay’ therapy. Feeling unsafe wherever he went, Kaleb started using drugs and alcohol as a form of escapism. After struggling with addiction, Kaleb decided to get sober and has been clean since January 2018. He is now close to his parents, who are fully supporting his identity and creativity. Using his own struggles as his inspiration, Kaleb aims at bringing awareness to mental health, sexuality, and addiction through his work and social media. Stay tuned for more music from Kaleb this year.