Sad Boys Club Spread Manic Melancholia With “Can’t Help Myself”

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

London-based act Sad Boys Club offers us a bite of restless existentialism in their latest alternative rock anthem “Can’t Help Myself.” Moody, dreamy, introspective, and mildly panicky characterize the song – “Can’t Help Myself” is a visceral piece that resonate the complex emotions we get haunted by when stuck in an unwanted monotony. But Sad Boys Club crafts a buoyant melody to let you panic in the most stress-free fashion:

On their latest release, frontman Jacob Wheldon said: “There have been periods that have felt so monotonous to us this year, we wanted to do something that fizzed and got us going about it, revelling in it, some manic melancholy.” 

The track is a glimpse of Sad Boys Club’ upcoming wider project, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.