Harry Nathan’s “I’m In Need” Ft. Angus1 Was Made From Pastries, Booze & Longing

Indie pop

Photo: Seiya Taguchi

Aussie artist Harry Nathan returns with a new single titled “I’m In Need” featuring Sydnney artist Angus1. It’s indie pop with an indietronic oomph that has been polished with the slick elements of lo-fi. Exploring longing and loneliness, “I’m In Need” was born out of French pastries and cocktail – the perfect bittersweet blend:

In Harry’s own words, “Introduced by a mutual friend, ‘I’m In Need’ was written on the day that Angus1 and I first met. We sat in my kitchen eating French éclairs, lemon tarts and croque monsieur croissants whilst getting to know each other. This theme of longing emerged during our conversations, and that vibe was captured in the studio moments later. The press photos (shot by Seiya Taguchi) are a re-enactment of those circumstances.” 

Angus1 added, “Harry and I were put in touch by a mutual friend who knew we were both a little eccentric and had releases on Kitsuné Musique. I’d never made a track with someone I’d literally just met, but we found common ground really quickly and did just that. I think the song is a nice mid-point between our writing and production styles, and it didn’t hurt that Harry plied me with pastries and booze either”

“I’m In Need” is out now via Kitsuné Musique.