Somber Hills Breaks Away From A State Of Limbo In “Say To Me”

Hip-hop x trap

Photo: PR courtesy

New Zealand-born, Sydney-based artist Somber Hills cruises through our ears with his breezy melody and slick rap choruses in his latest single “Say To Me.” It’s hip-hop but polished with elements of trap that has the edgy oomph of rock. Lyrically, “Say To Me” addresses the frustration that can come with other people’s ambiguity, which can put you on an unwanted state of limbo. The track is basically Somber’s own way of stop-fucking-doing-that-and-get-to-the-point. Along with the single, Somber has shared a lyric video shot with his friend and videographer Colin Babbot. Check it out: 

On the track, Somber Hills shares; “‘Say To Me’ is about knowing there’s a point that needs to be made behind a wall of one hundred other things being said. It’s so uncomfortable being stuck in limbo or sitting on the fence with your decisions. Get to the point, express how you feel, It’s better for everyone. This isn’t about any one interaction in particular, it just felt right to me the way I told the story as the song progressed.”