JXCKY Crosses To The Dark Side Of Breakup In New Visceral Single “System”

Dark, but make it groovy

Photo: Nathan Smart (OOMPH! Media)

Melbourne artist JXCKY gives us the perfect melodic antidote to sage away the bad juju of an ex in his latest single “System.” It’s a visceral pop piece injected with a slick amount of eeriness where JXCKY’s silky vocals perform a form of lyrical purification of any lingering ex energy that may be haunting you. Despite the dark tone of it, the song emits an uplifting vibe that serves as your gateway in realigning with your true self again and letting go of the past. Check it out:

On the track, JXCKY shared: “‘System’ marks the first time I’m dipping into that sinister, darker side of pop-rock. The track accentuates a growing desperation for closure and the need to cleanse one’s body free from that tight, lethal grip.”

With more music under his belt, JXCKY is getting ready to bombard you with new releases this year.