Un-Brainwash Yourself With Bayleigh Cheek’s “Release Me”

Psychedelic rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Bayleigh Cheek swirls us into her latest melodic sphere titled “Release Me,” a psychedelic rock piece that addresses the false notions we’ve been brainwashed and realizing that they were not true. With its kaleidoscopic riffs, “Release Me” immerses you into a moment of epiphany where Bayleigh’s silky vocals wraps around your brain questioning what is real and what is not. “This song is about what it means to realize you’ve believed a lie, or false identity of yourself, and the process of becoming free from it and knowing the truth,” shared baqyleigh. Hit play: 

“Release Me” is out now via Red Zeppelin Record and is from her upcoming debut album, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.