Milan André Nestle Us In The Limbo Between Ending & Beginning In “500 Days”

For anyone going through that weird stage

Photo: Artist courtesy

Montréal-born, London-based artist Milan André suspends us into that limbo state we experience when we’re transitioning from one chapter of our lives to another in his latest single “500 Days.” With is silky croons and introspective riffs, Milan crafts an intimate space where he shuffles through some of the most vulnerable thoughts and cringing emotions we experience when going through a major change. Check it out: 

Speaking of the track, Milan shared: “My new single, ‘500 days,’ represents the time since the ending of an experience and the beginning of the next one. Written while in lockdown in Bratislava, Slovakia, this song reflects on the time that passes after the end of a meaningful relationship that continues to linger deep within your mind.”

On the video, he added: “My mom came across the film that I ended up pairing with this track. She works at McGill University and discovered an old hand painted film by former McGill professor, Gordon Webber, completed in 1948. It was one of the first films of its kind and its length synchronized perfectly with ‘500 days.’ This song is vulnerable, wistful, and transparent, which connects to the location it was recorded in, Square Head Studios in Newington, England. The studio is in the middle of pure nature, encompassed by the beautiful countryside.”