Skarma’s “Touch” Is Great For Dancing While You’re Laughing Or Crying

The latter for most of us

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie producer Skarma, aka Sam Whitmore, gives us the perfect does of dance-inducing riffs injected with a much-needed melancholia through his latest single “Touch.” It’s electronica that makes you wanna drop everything and just spin around the dancefloor of your choice (for us is the living room in front of some domestic plants). And while it’s upbeat, airy and hip-shaking, “Touch” has that pinch of soothing moodiness that goes with anyone who struggles with existentialism, nostalgia, life in general: 

Speaking of the track, Skarma commented: “I produced this song during a rough time in the summer break but working from my home studio in Bungendore (NSW) amongst the nature and wildlife is always an inspiring environment for me. ‘Touch’ is much more of an emotional journey than my previous songs, moving from melancholy and complex emotions of sadness to hope and appreciation for life. I want people to be able to listen to this no matter what mood they are in and to feel that no matter where they are, life has purpose and joy.”