If You Procrastinate Dealing With Your Problems, Play Parks N’ Rec’s “A Little Cruel”

And we mean serious problems

Artwork: Artist courtesy

For everyone guilt of delaying fixing their problems, then Parks N’ Rec’s latest single “A Little Cruel” is perfect for them. The Canadian artist give us a slice of beachy pop that was made in his time at the jungle in lower Costa Rica while musing on our tendency to evade the pain rather than addressing it. Peppered with the celestial vibes of the Caribbean, “A Little Cruel” washes you with sun-kissed waves that puts you in a laidback introspective mode:

“‘A Little Cruel’ deals with how painful finding closure in a relationship can be. It was written on a communal farm in the jungle area of Manzanillo-Gandoca in lower Costa Rica. The ethereal subtle Caribbean sounds in the back of the track are my favourite ingredients.. There’s a melancholy here that is both empowering and easy. I think we (as in I) can easily sweep pain under the rug, and we all know how well that works out…right?!

I had no cell service on the farm, so I would head to the nearest town’s studio to lay down guitar and vocals. I then sent files back to my producers in Toronto to add instruments. I was like a kid waiting on all these birthday presents coming in as I listened back!”

The track is from his upcoming EP Wish I Was Here, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.