jak lvr Delivers A Message Of Optimism For Cynics In “Take A Ride”


Photo: Milly Hutchcraft

Teesside artist and former frontman of Llovers jak lvr has revealed his latest singe “Take a Ride,” a breezy and buoyant slice of indie pop that finds jak reflecting on optimism. But not just any kind of optimism – he’s specifically referring to the one that cynics experience. Weaved with bouncy percussions, “Take a Ride” is a moderately (in a good way) upbeat anthem that is perfect to any cynic out there who needs just the right dose of positivity without being overwhelmed:

In his own words, “‘Take A Ride’ is about feeling ground down over time, struggling with the day-to-day but having someone that makes the whole thing a little easier. I like the sentiment that romanticism comes from a place like that. Like a light at the end of the tunnel of cynicism.”

Produced alongside Chad Male (Cape Cub), “Take a Ride” is now available across all digital platforms.