Pleasure Centre’s “Blue (Bertha)” Is An Ode To The Happiest Car On Earth

Shoegaze x dream pop

Photo: PR courtesy

We’ve all remember that one car where we spent some of our best carefree days with our friends. UK quartet Pleasure Centre pays homage to such glorious vehicle in their latest single “Blue (Bertha).” Think of drizzling synths, chest-swelling drums, and celestial choruses all glazed with a trance-like ambience – that’s what “Blue (Bertha)” is all about. Awash in gauzy layers of shoegaze, it’s nostalgic dream pop that captures those moments late night drives with your favorite people on earth:

Speaking of the rack, the band shared: 

“This second track is about our friend’s car, aptly named ‘Bertha’, it’s a little blue Ford Fiesta that we drove about North Yorkshire to go to friends’ houses or parties and everything in between. Charlie came up with the guitar riff and some sort of chord progression and then Aneela fitted some lyrics. Then Charlie made a demo and the whole band started adding to that then we took it to Young Thugs in York and did it properly. Honestly, the topic came from another band ‘The Chalets’ which Charlie is a part of and we thought every band should write a song about this car as it’s really the object that supported our happiness last year when the world seemed to stop. It is a song we feel is heading in our own direction finally after a year of trying to make original music and expresses part of us and the topics we want to get out through our music.”

Hailing from North Yorkshire, Pleasure Centre released their debut single “Disease Machine” in early 2021 and has been making waves across major radio and press around the world. Stay tuned for more goodies from the band this year.