Take A Groovy Roadtrip With ISLAND’s Latest Video “My Brother”

For all of us who need some change

Photo: Christian Cargill

“You’re my brother, run for me, cause I can’t get out / Take these shoes, go they’re yours now” chants ISLAND in their latest single “My Brother.” It’s the latest piece form the band who have been bombarding us with frissons these past few weeks with new singles. In “My Brother,” ISLAND sends us waves of warm atmospheric riffs that capture the feeling of freedom and rush of novelty we experience when we decide to welcome change into our lives. The video, directed by Joel Barney, takes us on a roadtrip where we get to see two characters enjoy the freedom of being in a new place:

Speaking of the track, the band shared: “‘My Brother’ is about wanting the best for someone that’s close to you who needs help, someone that needs to get out and see the world for what it can be, and escape from being stuck doing the same old things in life. It’s a plea for them to make that change, and the happiness that comes when they manage it.”

“My Brother” is out now via Frenchkiss Records.