Saint Nomad Take Us Cruising In Their New Fluid Single “Closer”

Alternative pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Sibling trio Saint Nomad (Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov) makes us feel like we’re immersed in the water – without the pain of oxygen deprivation – with their latest single “Closer.” Polished with splashy synths and gurgling ambience, “Closer” moves in seamless waves that propels you in a buoyant manner. The beats throb in a pattern, which isn’t surprising since this song has some autotune influences. Check it out: 

“Ruslan and I were tracking a song over a weekend in Nashville,” reflected Yan Odnoralov, the band’s drummer. “The process felt too much like ‘work,’ so we decided to relax a bit and mess around with some new ideas. Ruslan threw on some really heavy Autotune on a vocal chain and played a nice bass groove while I started singing over it. It was one of those songs that was written in 15 minutes. Fast forward to early 2021, we were finalizing the song selection for the record while Nikita was in the middle of moving to Florida to live by the water. He heard this song and had a strong attachment to the lyrics ‘Let’s love each other, have a daughter, build our house by the sea.’ This resurfaced the song with the band, and we all were happy to finish and release it.” 

Saint Nomad are currently working on their new upcoming album, so keep your ears out.