The Lagoons’ “Daybreak” Is The Chillwave Jam We Should Be Diving Into. Now.

A reflection on vulnerability and reciprocity

Photo: PR courtesy

Sibling duo The Lagoons ruminate on vulnerability while washing us with chillwave-infused riffs in their latest indie pop piece “Daybreak.” With their silky croons and aerates synths, The Lagoons make “Daybreak” feel like a sonic retreat where you get to take time to explore some of the most vulnerable themes. In their own words, “This song is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and putting yourself out there with hope that the feeling will be reciprocated.” Check it out:

Hailing from Southern California, The Lagoons is the project of multi-talented brothers Ryan and Joey Selan. They released their debut record Midnight Afternoon back in 2020 and have been gathering millions of streams and support from the press. The duo is currently planning to release more music throughout this year, so stay tuned.