Magella’s EP ‘Checkmate’ Has A Song For Any Emotional Emergency

She just gets you

Photo: PR courtesy

A self-described sound delinquent, Magella is a Montreal-based artist who blends jazz and pop to craft her own sound. Her latest EP Checkmate addresses some of the knottiest emotions we face when it comes to our relationships with other people, ourselves, and surroundings. It’s complex, vulnerable, and nails those brief cringing instances that hit our guts – Checkmate is a record that swiftly moves through those moments and memories through six seamless anthems that help you find your way back: 

“My new EP, Checkmate, was borne of many pent-up emotions. As I came to terms with those feelings, I treated the EP’s tracklist as a motion from my starting point to an arrival in my creativity.

Checkmate features ‘Dirty Ice,’ which I wrote as a way to soothe myself after a friendship ended with repercussions. It is a reminder to myself to carry on no matter what is being thrown at me. I wrote it in a way to forgive oneself for not listening to their intuition and keeping on their rose-coloured glasses in unstable interactions and relationships.”

Checkmate is out now via Allegam.