matt mcwaters Gives Us A Refreshing Dose Of 2000s R&B With “Morning Dew”

For lonely existential hours

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian artist matt mcwaters flood us with his slick croons and smokiness with his latest single “Morning Dew,” a track that gushes you with atmospheric frissons that ruminates on loneliness and hope. According to him, the song is about “the pain of being alone and in a dark place, but having that one person who can pull you out of it.” With its laidback swagger, “Morning Dew” serves as a chill piece that helps you sage away any negative thoughts that start creeping in during those lonely existential moments. Check it out: 

He further added, “‘Morning Dew’ was inspired largely by the sounds of 2000s R&B, listening to people like D’Angelo, Maxwell and Erykah Badu has always led me to write harmony in that style. It’s about recognising the sadness in loneliness and about cherishing the person you love.

Modern fans of R&B might also notice some hints of Brent Faiyaz/Sonder more noteably in the harmonies and outro, which takes on a darker tone. There’s also touches of inspiration coming from the more psychedelic brands of R&B honed in on by Toronto’s River Tiber and BBNG as well as artists like Jordan Rakei.

The guitar player Ilan Karasik and I spent countless hours listening to Voodoo at our day jobs analyzing harmony and jamming after work, this harmony was written by him born out of those moments.”

Aside from his solo work, Matt also has another project called Please Wait with the artist Ta-ku. Stay tuned for more releases from him and Please Wait this year.