It’s Time To Enjoy Life With Soon’s “Soda”

Fizzling summer pop

Photo: Jonas Fogh

We’re halfway through spring and getting ready to soak on the laidback summer air – Danish duo Soon is giving us a taste of that in their new single “Soda.” It’s a sun-bleached, upbeat pop where the synths fizzle as the duo reminds you to relax and enjoy the moment. With all the chaos we had to deal with this past year, “Soda” sends us a refreshing wave of chill and playful hooks that keep you suspended in the air. Check it out:

In their own words, “’Soda’ is all about letting go of your worries. It came together after a long writers’ block and is a reminder of the importance of naivety and immediacy in life. It’s charming, persuasive and youthful – and we hope ‘Soda’ will make you let go of your worries and inspire you to go after what you really want in life!”

Stay tuned for more music from the duo this year.