Lxandra Gives Us A Shiny Disco Pop Single “Sideways”

And we’re totally spinning it

Photo: Anuk Rohde

Finland native, Berlin-based artist Lxandra throws us a massive disco ball glossed with pop loops titled “Sideways.” It’s hip-shaking slice of heaven that celebrates self-worth and getting rid of shit that doesn’t serve you any good. Bringing the retro shimmers of 80s, “Sideways” is an avant-garde twist of disco where Lxandra lets her own creativity shine and spin you to the most sonically incentive directions: 

“‘Sideways’ is probably the most fun song on the album. To me it’s about realizing your own self worth and hopefully learning to leave behind things that you know are not good for you, even though it’s hard,” commented Lxandra. 

The track is from her upcoming debut album Careful What I Dream Of, which will be out on June 11th.