Haley Blais Juggles Conspiracy & FBI Agents In “Someone Called While You Were Out”

It’s a 90s thriller

Photo: Lindsay Elliott

Haley Blais becomes tangled with the authorities and conspiracy theories in her latest video “Someone Called While You Were Out.” The track is taken from her breakout debut record Below the Salt and is largely inspired by quitting the 9-5 grind. Directed by Brinan Johnson, “Someone Called While You Were Out” is a breakneck thriller that transports you straight back to the 90s with its retro fashion, telephones, and flip phones: 

“‘Someone Called While You Were Out’ is about quitting your 9 to 5 job and going absolute girlboss vacation mode,” Haley explained. “I had this vision, or I guess, fantasy, where I was passed out day drunk in my imaginary hammock at my imaginary beach house, missing call after call (as the drink in my hand was slowly slipping from my sleepy grasp) because I was on island time. Wearing something breezy and effortless. Full linen two piece.”