Hotel Decor Is Best Friends With A Giraffe In “Could It Take Me Any Longer”

Meet Magnus the giraffe

Photo: Dual Sense

Whoever said that a dog was a man’s best friend is LYING. Canadian artist Hotel Decor, aka Csaba Laszlo, makes us highly jealous by showcasing his unbreakable bond with his friend Magnus – who is a giraffe btw, omfg 😀 – in his latest video “Could It Take Me Any Longer.” It’s a slightly trippy video with a retro-esque feel to it. Directed by Dual Sense, it captures the beginning of an irreplaceable friendship with the majestic long-necked creature:

Speaking of the video, Hotel Decor shared: “After shooting music videos for my old project (NVY), I wanted to go in a less dark direction and make something really stupid and fun. What ended up happening was basically hauling a bunch of props with us and setting up shoot locations wherever we thought looked interesting. This was also the beginning of my friendship with Magnus, my giraffe that has starred in both music videos and press photos.”

“Could It Take Me Any Longer” is out now via Mammal Sounds and a glimpse into his upcoing debut EP with the same name that will be arriving in June.