Master The Art Of Me-Love With eee gee’s “Favourite Lover”


Photo: Niklas Adrian Vindelev 

Danish artist eee gee, aka Emma Grankvist, invites her listeners to disabuse from dark funk with her latest single “Favourite Lover.” Brushed with the lighthearted melancholia, “Favourite Lover” is a foot-stomping anthem where eee gee’s vocals high-pitch comes ringing flawlessly. The lyrics along with the rhythmic heartbeat celebrate the art of self-love. “‘Favorite Lover’ is about the journey from feeling restlessly dark, bored and un-datable to owning the moment of lonely self-care. It’s about transforming loneliness and longing into something blissful. Realizing you don’t need anyone but yourself…” shared eee gee. Check it out:

On the video, eee gee added: “I wanted to make a story without me to emphasize the weight of the work of a song. How it’s -to me at least -not always necessary to include the artist in the picture to get the most interesting story out of the lyrics.”

Stay tuned for more releases from eee gee this year.