Colour Tongues Muse On Burning Bridges In New Single “Fire”

Indie rock

Photo: Shimon Photography

Vancouver band Colour Tongues meditates on the notion of burning bridges – especially with people whom we’ve been close to – in their latest single “Fire.” The song lives up to its title – it’s explosive and filled with heat that channels the tension that comes with addressing issues we’ve swept under the rug. Unlike the heavy-hearted theme, “Fire” feels rather cheery and energizing as you get bombarded with a cannonade of cinematic riffs: 

On the track, the band commented: “‘Fire’ is a song about the strain and anger felt in familial bonds that, when left unchecked for years, can come to a boil and threaten to burn those connections down. When faced with the choice, do you forgive and try to rebuild those relationships together? Or do you let them go and give in to the flames?

Sometimes in order to heal you need to be willing to compromise and recognize your own faults. Gain some humility – be ok with being wrong. If that is what it takes to move past something and bring back the love you once knew with someone you care for, it’s worth it!”

The track is from the band’s upcoming debut record Midnight Island, which will be arriving this year.