Dead Slow Hoot’s “Until Your Breathing Drowns It Out” Is Your New Mantric Anthem

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

UK quartet Dead Slow Hoot give us a mantric track to keep calm and go with the flow titled “Until Your Breathing Drowns It Out.” A hybrid of buoyant melancholia and infectious optimism, “Until Your Breathing Drowns It Out” is a broody piece where Dead Slow Hoot breaks down anxiety. The riffs propel with a slight auto-tune inclination, making it the perfect track to clear out your headspace: 

On the track, the band shared:

“I wrote the chord progression for this song with the sole desire to write another song in 5/4 time, but there are too many chords in there and I felt like it kept pulling me back into standard 4/4 time in the choruses. It’s strange because that sounds like it would make quite a stressful song but it allowed for a really subtle chorus to emerge and the lyrics came really naturally with that. The phrase ‘until your breathing drowns it out’ was a kind of mantra I kept saying to myself on long cycle commutes to and from work as a way to stop myself from overanalyzing my shit. The rest of the lyrics are really about trying to see yourself in context with the rest of your life and find something joyful in engaging with what you’re doing right now, which I think is quite comforting. I really wanted to make a song that was calming because the chord progression is one I can sit and play for hours on a loop as a kind of meditation.”

The track is from their upcoming EP A Kinder Kind, which will be out on June 17th