NOPRISM’s “Order” Is Dystopic Disco

Politics, dancefloor, propagandas, 80s

Photo: PR courtesy

NOPRISM brings back the flair of 70s house into their futuristic indietronica sound in their new single “Order.” From start to finish, the track transports you to those late nights of dancefloor euphoria where you’re your sharing sweat, freedom, and mad crowd disease with strangers. Lyrically, “Order” ruminates on the dystopic practices of politics and propaganda that have brainwashed people, turning our reality into Hollywood sci-fi nightmare: 

On their latest single, NOPRISM’s Andrew Young explained: “We wanted to make a head-rush of a song that would have a great intensity when we finally get to play live, filled with the sounds of 303 and the piano synonymous with house music…  Lyrically, it’s more-or-less about the attitudes of Brexit Britain and the ability of the press and politicians to repeat their agenda enough times until it becomes true. Exploring the illusory truth effect common with politics. Donald Trump, for example, was pretty fond of the technique.” 

NOPRISM will be playing in Little Buildings, Newcastle on July 10th, so make sure you don’t miss the madness.