daste. Capture Every Romance That Didn’t Have A Hollywood Ending In “holding on to you” Ft. Uhkirra


Photo: Dominic Gould

Aussie trio daste. channels the cinematic emotions and heartbreak of every romance that didn’t get the Hollywood ending in their new single “holding on to you” ft. Uhkirra. But unlike the dramatic magnitude of its theme, “holding on to you” is actually a steady and delicate piece where Uhkirra’s silky vocals amplify the chill aura of the track. Check it out:

On the track’s daste.’s Tyler Harden shared: “When I wrote the first few verses for this song I was inspired by Bon Iver’s ‘Re: Stacks’ and a song called ‘Cherry’ by Harry Styles. I specifically remember coming up with the bridge (‘so open up’) while I was at work and sung it for the rest of my shift, itching to get back home and try some chords to go with it. We knew we had to get Uhkirra to collaborate on this track and knowing how talented she is at string arrangements we were so excited to see what she could do. ‘holding on to you’ is kinda like having a fight with someone you really love but then deciding that you’re just not right for each other, but then you’ll be up all night wondering what could have been; was it the right decision? But now they’re moving on, going to another city to start a new life, and you try to catch them at the airport before they leave but you’re too late. It’s like a movie! Although unlike most romantic comedies, there isn’t a happy ending.”

The track is from their upcoming dusk / dawn, which will be released in August.