Paper Jackets Address The Spread Of Twisted Truths In “Rumors”

Alternative pop

Photo: PR courtesy

LA quartet Paper Jackets takes a bite into the hazy zone of toxic, twisted news in their latest single “Rumors.” With its grand-sized beats, “Rumors” marches forward with a groovy speed that makes it both danceable and reflective as the quartet address the way some people get addicted to false or twisted information. It’s a form of masochism that has amplified in recent years thanks to the internet:

On the single, vocalist James Mason commented, “It could be selective hearing, denial or just some plain ole’ shit talkin’ gone awry; the truth is always hard to find amidst rubble in our minds. ‘Rumors’ is a song for people who like bad news, a commentary on ill will and poor intent.”

The track is from their upcoming record Souvenirs Part Two, which will be out later this year.