Smells Like Teen Angst In Robbing Millions’ “Family Dinner”

From medieval beginning to disco turns

Photo: Shags Chamberlain

Belgian artist Robbing Millions, aka Lucien Fraipont, channels teenage angst in his latest single “Family Dinner.” It’s an eccentric piece of alternative pop that takes an unexpected rhythmic turn as you dive deeper. In his own words, “The intro is pretty misleading, it starts with a medieval King Sunny Ade groove topped with a bebop-ish guitar melody, but the song quickly lands on a poppier disco beat.” Check it out: 

According to Fraipont, the lyrics “are reflecting a glowing teenage angst. I often have dinner with my family, who I love dearly, but as a teenager I often just wanted to spend my time doing music instead. I felt a loss of time, which is pretty stupid, but the song is an exaggerated vision of that teenage feeling.”

The track is from his upcoming new album Holidays Inside, which will be out on June 25th.