America Jayne Gets A Love Life Makeover In “Redecorate”

Indie rock

Photo: Jeanne Marie Boes 

Brooklyn-based, queer artist America Jayne gets a relationship makeover in “Redecorate,” a sweet indie rock piece that gives the kiss of death to a lover who pretty much seems to half-ass commitment. Through her silky croons, America Jayne addresses the frustrations and despair that inundate us initially – but eventually moving past it. With “Redecorate,” the propulsive riffs radiate the rush of renewal we feel when we decide to let it go:

In her own words, “‘Redecorate’ was born from the cyclical cycle I found myself in with a person that I was seeing who would get right up to the brink of being my boyfriend, but would then harshly pull away and leave me feeling like I had to fight to get him back. I kept trying everything to win him over, to get back the ‘perfect’ relationship I had built up in my head. No matter what I did, however, I couldn’t make him care more than he was willing to. ‘Redecorate’ is a song of frustration and eventual exhaustion.”

Connecticut native Erica is the frontwoman behind America Jayne. Raised in a small town, Erica started learning guitar at the age of 10 and decided to move to New York in January 2018 packing her Doc Martens and whiskey. In NYC, she started working as a server at the iconic music venue Rockwood Music Hall, where she met other artists and creatives who helped her form America Jayne. With more music under her belt, America Jayne will be dropping more singles these upcoming months.